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The Importance Of Being Mobile-First

Nearly 80% Of Websites Are Visited On Mobile.

Google now prefers websites build around their mobile-first indexing strategy. For this reason in 2022 they prioritize mobile-first built sites while traditional and responsive sites are losing their page rank.

Mobile-First In A Nutshell

Google's latest algorithm update focuses on mobile-first indexing

In 2020 Google's latest algorithm update priorities sites designed for Mobile-First indexing. These types of sites load faster and perform better across mobile devices, tablets and other small displays. Our platform creates mobile-first sites that are both responsive and adaptive.



With adaptive the correct page is displayed dependent on the screen size that is requesting it. This removes all unnessessy code that may slow down page loading speed and hench preferred by GoogleBot.
Google Webmaster Central Blog On Mobile-First Indexing

Google and Others Have Shifted To Mobile-First

Mobile-First Indexing Is Now A Reality

In fact, if we look at Google's actions, it's undeniable that 2022 will be the year of page speed. It's the year when the difference between fast and slow content becomes the difference between showing up in the search results (Whether paid or organic) or disappearing completely.

Mobile-First is Googles new indexing strategy that is now build into their algorithm. Website owners that do not switch to a Mobile-First built site may soon vanish completely from search indexes across many search engines.

Mobile-First indexing means Google primarily uses the mobile version of the webpage for ranking and indexing purposes. In 2018, Google explained that with Mobile-First indexing the URL of the mobile-friendly version of your site is indexed rather then the desktop version.

Mobile-First is different then responsive. Responsive is when desktop built pages are resized to adjust for a better fit on mobile. While Mobile-First built webpages are both responsive and passive. Passive means that the correct page is displays dependent on the display size that is requesting the page. Furthermore, Mobile-First websites are designed mobile first. Meaning that websites are built to look good on mobile devices first and then the designer finalizes the design for desktops. This method creates sites that load fast on mobile device since they were first build for smaller displays. This is because the coding is streamlined when built mobile first..

We offer the worlds first Mobile-First platform for creating Mobile-First websites and PWAs (Apps). Other related products include our ecommerce platform, food ordering and menus, in addition clients can build online e-learning courses and podcasts with RSS feeds. All hosting on AWS.

Nearly 80% of website are now visited on mobile.


Create an additional reoccurring revenue streams by offering a line of internet marketing solutions built around Mobile-First Indexing;

A partnership can generate additional reoccurring revenue streams for your business. Both of our company's have clients that are entrepreneurs and we have solutions that will benefit both our partners and their clients. For more information get in touch.



Our Website Builder Creates Mobile-First Websites-Fast!

Users simply select the widget feature needed, drop it into their page and add their own custom info. The widget section can be drag and droped into position.

The result is the fastest page design by using easy to use widgets.

Sites built with our site builder can also be converted into PWAs with Push notification marketing.

Website Creation With Widgets



Team of Developers Building A Website

Mobile-First Builder Also Creates PWAs

The mobile-first builder creates websites, ecommerce stores, no code apps, podcasts chatbots and more.

Building web apps no longer requires a team of developers. Simply grab a template from the template gallery choose a style, then simply switch out the content with your own.

Mobile-First Website and PWA Template Gallery

Our Mobile-First site and ecommerce store builder includes hundreds of pre-made templates. Create and launch entire websites, e-stores and PWAs in minutes.

Choose a template category, select a design and replace or modify the information in the template with your own, or start with a blank page. The MobiFirst Builder even includes an image gallery with thousands of royalty-free images with commercial license. Freely use these images with your designs.

Templates For Mobile-First Builder



Mobile-First Website Builder (White Label Version)

With our white label version, your clients can buy from plans that you create, they can then build and launch their own website or ecommerce store in as fast as just a few minutes.

Web Design Laptop



Couple Looking At PC Receiving Passive Income

Create Multiple Passive Revenue Streams

People create their own online accounts and then build their own websites, PWA's (apps), podcasts, ecommerce stores, podcasts, etc. and you earn ongoing income streams.


Users can create sites and apps in just minutes using a gallery of templates. Training videos are also included in our platforms for both white label owners and users.

Here are just a few of the products that you can offer to your audience or customer base.

Mobile-First Website Builder Platform

Create sites to meet or exceed Google's Mobile-First best practices. Advanced yet simple widget-based functionality makes building websites a snap.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

A powerful progressive web app building platform that allows anyone to create their own app or sell apps to your clients at prices you set with 100% profits.

Course Builder Platform

A simple, easy to use educational platform to setup your online courses or sell course building accounts to your clients. Live lessons capability with Zoom integration.

ChatBot Module

Integrate chatbots into PWAs, websites and social medial platforms, or resell as a chatbot platform.

E-Commerce Platform

Create online storefronts for virtual any business in just hours. All this with a built in Mobile-First indexing strategy for speed and better search engine placement. No product or bandwidth limits.

Food Ordering Platform

Create apps for food establishments, create apps for restaurants with food menus and/or food order system.

Podcast Platform

Build podcasts, or sell cloud hosted podcast services to your clients. Podcast feeds included for podcasts that you create.

Free Client Training Built-In

Our MobiFirst Platforms include walk-though video tutorials to get you started quickly, whether you're creating or reselling our digital products



Why Partner With Us?

We offer the world's first and only Mobile-First adaptive platform.

Google's latest algorithm update priorities websites designed for Mobile-First indexing. Our platforms take advantage of this and other innovations to drastically improve page load speed and page rank.

 We can customize partnerships dependent on your sales and support requirements.



Two Guys Looking At White-Label Display

MobiFirst White-Label Platform Licensing

If you are an entrepreneurs or digital marketing agency, then you can purchase a white lable plan and totally rebrand our system as your own.

Create your own plans, set your own pricing and keep 100% of the profits! Create multiple streams of reoccuring income by owning your own system. Totally rebrand every aspect of our system and add your own logos inside the platform.

Mobile-First Partership

Mobile-First Partner Program

Are you a CEO, influencer or have clients that are leaders and business owners? A partnership can create additional streams of revenue for your company.

Partner programs are customizable and include additional support benefits.

Affiliate and Partnership Tools

White Label Platform Opportunity

Sign-up for a white label plan

Create multiple streams of revenue by reselling mobile-first enabled web services.



Ready to Build a PWA Fast?

Experience the power of using our no-code Mobile-First platform to build all your PWAs

Man Using a Progressive Web App

Finally... Your Own App Without Spending Thousands

Custom Mobile Apps can cost thousands and take months to develop.

Our Platform creates high quality Apps in record breaking time. Having your own app with the push-notifications feature alone is priceless!