Push Notification Message Management Dashboard

Never again miss out on sending out holiday promotions

Build websites, convert them into progressive web apps and then use the push notification dashboard stay in touch with clients or send notify your shoppers of special promotions./h4>

The push notification dashboard allows you to pre-schedule your promotional messages to fire off on the dates that you specify. Your promotions can be timed for when they will have the best result in creating repeat customer visits to your store.

Cloud Based Push Notification Management Dashboard

A Custom App Icon On Your Shoppers Home Screen

It's what the big box stores have been doing for years which allows them to also market directly to their shoppers mobile device.


Convert Your Website Into A PWA To Enable Push Notification Functionality

Customers save your app icon to their home screen, they can then start receiving your push notification promotions.

Stay in touch with your clients or send promotional marketing messages to shoppers.

Attracting Customers

Getting On Your Shoppers Home Screen Is Smart

Activate push notifications and generate repeat business from your existing clients and shoppers.

Our digital business cards and PWA App Funnels offer push notification marketing, allowing you to send inspirational or promotional messages right to your customers or prospects smartphones. Never again miss out on sending holiday promotions.